What is a wheel alignment & what is included in it?

A wheel alignment involves using special machinery to adjust the angles of your vehicle's axles and wheels so that they point straight ahead/according to manufacturer specification. 

To the naked eye, your wheels may look like they are pointing straight, but even the slightest amount of difference could be enough to cause uneven wear for your tyres. Driving onto the kerb, driving through a pothole, driving on unevenly surfaced roads - all of these things could be enough to cause your wheel alignment to be out.

We offer Wheel Alignments from $83 and is available to add to your order in the Optional Extras during the checkout process. The Fitment Centre you choose will complete the tyre fitting, balancing, and wheel alignment during fitment. 

If your vehicle requires more than a Standard Alignment, the Fitment Centre must notify us and a refund of the wheel alignment will be provided. We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.

Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value.

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