Tyre Roadside Assistance

Tyresales.com.au offers every customer free 12 months Tyre Roadside Assistance - Australia wide - with every purchase. This service is provided by the NRMA - The National Roads and Motorists Association - who work with State Affiliates throughout Australia.

Please read below for our Frequently Asked Questions on tyre roadside assistance.


What is tyre roadside assistance?

Tyre roadside assistance is used if you receive a tyre puncture while you are driving. This is not a mechanical car breakdown service, it is used only for tyre emergencies.

Even if you purchased the problematic tyre elsewhere, you can call the roadside assistance number and someone from the NRMA (or their associated company) will come out to you.

On your membership you are allowed to make unlimited calls for assistance.


Is the tyre roadside assistance available across Australia?

Yes, this service is available across all of Australia, nation-wide.

If you need assistance within a remote regional area, there may be an additional fee to be paid, however this information will be provided to you when you call the Assistance number.


How does it work? 

When you complete your tyre purchase we will send you an email asking for your vehicle registration and contact information.

Once we have received that information from you, we will send your details to the NRMA who will create your membership account.

We will email you when your membership is setup - this can take between 4-6 weeks.

The offer for Free Tyre Roadside Assistance expires within 30 days after purchase of your tyres. If we do not receive your registration details within 30 days of our registration request, we will assume you do not want the tyre roadside assistance, and requests after this time period will be invalid.


What happens if I get a puncture? 

If you do get a tyre puncture please contact the NRMA on 1300 369 349 and select 1 for Road Service or visit this website:  https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/roadside-assistance

You will need to have your vehicle registration and NRMA membership number handy.


What's included in the service?

This service is for all tyre emergencies and the NRMA team will help you by:

  • Removing your punctured tyre
  • Putting your spare tyre on
  • Using your gel kit for Run Flat tyres
  • Providing free towing within a 20km metropolitan area, or free towing to the closest Country Service Centre if you are not in a metropolitan area

Please note that Puncture Repair is NOT included.

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