Warranty Exclusions

The warranty policy does not extend to tyres which become defective as a result of:

  • Road hazard damage, such as impact damage or puncture, whether repairable or not;
  • Incorrect mounting of the Tyre;
  • Improper storage of the Tyre;
  • Under-inflation, over-inflation, improper maintenance, improper repair or other abuse;
  • Mechanical irregularity in the vehicle, including, without limitation, tyre/wheel imbalance or wheel misalignment, which results in uneven or rapid wear;
  • Being fitted to or used with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels;
  • Being fitted to vehicles which are carrying loads or running speeds higher than that recommended for the vehicle;
  • Not being fitted or used in accordance with the technical recommendations of the manufacturer as published from time to time;
  • Accident, fire, chemical explosion or exposure, tyre alteration (e.g. retreading) or vandalism;or
  • Climatic effects, such as damage caused by salt water or sand.
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