Where can I check the tyre size on my vehicle's tyres?

The best way to purchase the correct new tyres for your vehicle is to check the tyres you are currently using. Use the information below and match that with your search values on the website by Size.

You can use the Vehicle search on the website, but please be aware that this search method provides tyre information based upon original equipment for the vehicle entered by you. The result may not be accurate for what you actually require. 

To avoid ordering the wrong tyres we strongly advise you to check your tyre's current size and the tyre placard on your vehicle.

The example tyre below has a tyre size of 185/55R15 81H. Where the numbers appear in the left-hand example below is where your current tyre's numbers will appear on the tyres you have fitted to your vehicle. 


What do the above markings mean? 

Width - The tyre width measured in millimetres. In this example, the width is 185.

Profile / Aspect Ratio - The profile is the depth of the tyre sidewall. This measurement is taken from the wheel to the outer circumference of the tyre and is a percentage of your tyre's width (55% of 185mm). In the example above, the profile is 55.

Rim Diameter - The diameter of the wheel rim measured in inches. In this example, the rim diameter is 15.


Load index - The load index on a tyre lets us know what the maximum load-carrying capacity of that tyre is. You are able to order a load index that is the same or above your vehicle's standard requirement is. To find this load index, check your Tyre Placard and/or your current tyres on your vehicle. In this example, the load index is 81.

Where is my Tyre Placard? The tyre placard is usually a sticker that is located on the driver’s door/doorframe, petrol lid or glove compartment.

Speed rating - The speed rating of a tyre lets us know the maximum speed in which the tyre has been tested corresponding to the tyres load index. Speed ratings were established to match the speed capability of tyres with the top speed capability of the vehicles to which they are applied. 

While tyre manufacturers can produce tyres capable of very high speeds, it is not recommended to use the tyre in excess of the legal speed in your state or territory. In this example, the speed rating is 210km/hr / H rated.

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